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The "father" and world guru of Japanese Candle Stick charting Steve Nison (USA) is teaching his first and only South African seminar in person! A rare and unique opportunity to learn Steve's revolutionary techniques on how to successfully trade in any market (JSE, US Dow, S&P, FTSE, SSF, FX etc) using candle charts in combination with Western technical analysis.

The 2 day interactive seminar covers the basics to very advanced techniques and strategies, including Q&A sessions. Steve says "As our clients frequently tell us, one good trade (or avoiding one bad trade!) more than paid for the course."IF YOU TRADE - YOU SIMPLY CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS IT!


Candle Charts Seminar Brochure.pdf

To register please click on the Registration Page (left hand menu) 

2 day Interactive Sessions 9am to 4:00pm                                               (one hour lunch plus two 10 minute breaks in AM and PM)                      Tea, coffee & lunch and bar will be provided


The hands-on intensive workshop explores every avenue of candlestick charting and Western technical analysis in both theory and practice. Each session includes specific learning objectives, key terms, clear-cut instruction, and practical applications, including JSE markets.

Students will learn in an easy to understood, step-by-step process. Scores of illustrations, actual market examples and hands-on practice will show them how to use these powerful tools to improve trading.

All techniques can be applied to any market and any timeframe. There are some subtle differences on using candles in forex and intraday trading which are detailed in the seminar. 

The Seminar covers the following Titles:

Using Candles to Quickly Find the High Probability Trades in Any Market

Candlestick Charts: The tools, tricks and tips you need to know

Harnessing the Power of Candle Charts: Spotting the Early Reversal Signals

Unleashing the Hidden Power of Candlestick Charts: The Secrets to Becoming a Confident and Successful Trader

 Unleashing the Full Power of Candlesticks to Improve Trading Performance & Decrease Risk

By the conclusion of this seminar you will :

* Learn the one rule that every trader must know (this alone is worth  the price of the seminar!)

* Spot market turns ahead of your competition

* Pinpoint pivotal support and resistance levels

* Provide "safety first" trading

* Merge candles with your favorite trading tools

* Avoid the most critical mistakes made by those who use candles

* When to act on, and when to ignore, a candlestick signal

* Discover techniques that work in any market in any time frame

* Harnessing the power of intraday candlestick charts

At the end of the seminar, Steve will make an interactive Q and A charts to refine your candlestick trading abilities

Whether you are new to candle charts or are a seasoned pro the rewards you will reap from this seminar will be immediate and long lasting.

What they say about Steve Nison, Candlecharts and Seminar :
Here : you have mant testimonies about Steve, Candlecharts and his Seminar On below are some extracts :

In the Press :
"Whether you day trade or hold positions (candlesticks) are a must."
-Investors Library -

"Japan's candlesticks Light Traders' Path." -Wall Street Journal-

"(Mr. Nison's) work has revolutionized technical analysis."" - Reuters Magazine
About the seminar :
"I now trade for living because of Steve’s seminars " - Lois Meadows -
" My profits have doubled, as I not only have been able to better recognize winning stocks, but I have also been able to cut losses earlier by applying more concrete support areas determined by using candlesticks" - Kelly Stone -
"The techniques shown in the seminar have led to many prosperous trades " -Equity Trading Department-
" Very important to me is that less time is required to achieve significantly improved trading results. I would recommend that anyone who want to make some serious money in trading to take Steve’s seminars early in their learning experience" -James Barrett-
" The seminar paid for itself on my first trade! " -Natalie N. -
" The candle charting techniques, as revealed by Mr. Nison, are the best technical tools in my arsenal. They have enhanced every aspect of my trading " - NYSE Specialist Firm -
"I was able to pull out of the market just in time using this great method " -John C.- 

In the meantime you can reach us at +27-(0)83-7777775 and by fax at +27-(0)866-480633. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: